About me

Sophie Giez

It took 24 years for me to find out that I’m actually a woman and looking back, there were a lot of signs. Funnily enough, becoming a VFX artist went a very similar way for me.

I was always a very visual person and fell in love with the magic of cinema and pictures when I was little, always asking myself “how did they do that?”.

My love for images turned into a passion for photography, whilst my interest in physics and engineering led me to studying aeronautical engineering. There I discovered that constructing things in CAD was a lot more fun than doing the complicated math behind making sure I wouldn’t accidentally crash a plane. This made me re-evaluate my course of study and eventually led me to Audiovisual Media at HdM- a course that seamlessly fuses creativity with technology.

Due to my meandering discovery process I also gained a thorough technical understanding of the whole process of image creation, from production to post production. In the student productions at HdM I not only got to work with industry standard software like Maya, Mudbox, Arnold, Unreal, Mari, Substance and Nuke, but also experience how much dynamic teamwork can accomplish. Additionally in my Internship at LUXX Film, I learned a lot about the reality of VFX productions and got to work on real projects, which reaffirmed my pursual of VFX.

I love about VFX that there is a keen attention to detail, observing very closely how something works, picking things apart, bringing them together and creating something that feels real. What I am the proudest of is that my work made it into two feature films. Seeing shots and assets I worked on in cinema was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

I’m currently working on my bachelor thesis.

You can reach me at mail@sophiegiez.com – I’d love to hear from you.