Interactive Media Studioproduction, HdM

10 / 2021 – 08 / 2022

Worked on:

  • Lighting
  • Modelling
  • Prototype
  • Programming
  • Machine Learning

Software used:

  • Unreal Engine 4
  • Maya
  • Python
  • C++

Website Work in Progress

HdM Project Site

Sanguine Trailer:

Worked on the Blueprints / Code, Light / Mood Concept, Interface

Originally we wanted the player to ask anything via text based input and a program breaking it down into words it could detect from a pre-written list, which an AI model would try to match with the question it thought was being asked, to which we would then have a selection of pre written answers, which we wanted cryptic anyway so even if it couldn’t match it all the time, due to it being cryptic it should’ve still been quite immersive and would’ve enabled us to vocalize the answers.

I trained the model with Python and because we wanted it in Unreal, which is based in C++ I wrote a C++ Program which could access and run the Keras model, but the scope of implementing it was too big so we changed direction to a dialogue tree in the second semester (in the demo above we put in some very specific questions and answers to showcase the functionality we were aiming for). In the following showcase you can see how the C++ program breaks down the input, cross-references it with the list and feeds it to the Model which then predicts the most likely question being asked.

In the second semester I worked on the masterlight for the lower setting.

It was conceptualised as otherworldy, surreal, which I also implemented within the lighting. Also later there was the creative decision by the director to go towards a greener tint to not have the ending feel too comfortable.

Here the concept art (not by me) and some iterations

I also did the shot lighting for the ending cinematic of the lower path.