3D & VFX

Mars Base

Project for 3D Virtual Environments Course, HdM

09/2022 | 03/2023

Lighting, Modelling, Layout, Particles, Compositing

Unreal Engine 5, Blender, Fusion

Aloe Dystopia Concept

Project for 3D Virtual Environments Course, HdM


Concept Art, Modelling, Layout, Lighting, Shading

Unreal Engine 5, Blender, Photoshop


Interactive Media Studioproduction, HdM

10/2021 – 08/2022

Lighting, Modelling (Retopo), Prototype, Programming, Machine Learning

Unreal Engine 4, Maya, Python, C++

La Salamandre (2021)

Feature Film, LUXX Film


BG Population, Lighting, Shading, Compositing

3ds Max, VRay, Nuke, Phoenix FD

Die Mucklas und wie sie zu Pettersson und Findus kamen (2022)

Feature Film, LUXX Film

04/2021- 07/2021

Lighting, Modelling, Shading, Texturing, Fluid Simulation, SlapComp

3ds Max, VRay, Substance Pt, Blender, Nuke, Phoenix FD

CGI Lighting, Shading, Rendering

Recreating Lighting and Shading for the CGI LSR Course, HdM


Lighting, Shading, Rendering

Maya, Arnold


Computer Animation Studioproduction, HdM

10/2020 – 02/2021

Directing, Script, Camera, Editing, Modelling, Lighting, Shading, Rigging, Rendering

Maya, Arnold, Resolve, After Effects


Concept Art & Look Development for VFX Course, HdM


Sculpting, Modelling, Texturing, Shading, Grooming

Maya, Mudbox, Mari, Arnold


Project for Exercises in CG Course, HdM

05/2020 – 09/2020

Sculpting, Modelling, Shading, Rigging

Maya, Mudbox, Arnold